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The Official Travel Guide for Lofoten

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  • Taste the Viking Age

    01.10 – 31.03: Viking Winter Sacrifice. To ensure the return of the sun, a sacrifice has to be done.

    01.04 – 30.09: Viking Feast. A delicious meal, singing and role play. 

    15.06 – 15.08: Lamb soup, cooked over open fire, served in the Chieftain´s longhouse. 

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    From NOK 290
  • Lofoten Fishing

    Experience the excitement and joy that the Lofoten fishing offer and imagine a weekend filled with new impressions and a unique world class fishing experience. After a long day at sea you will sleep well in one of our original and charming waterfront “Rorbu” cabins. Lean back and enjoy the view of the Lofoten Mountains and sea.

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    From NOK 2845
  • Visit Storvågan!

    Storvågan is the heart that gave life to the Lofoten Islands in bygone times. The old mediaeval town of Vágar lay there, founded on the Lofoten Fishery and the stockfish trade. Spend the day in Storvågan in historical and majestic surroundings, with activities for the whole family.

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    180 NOK

Cycling in Lofoten

Lofoten is famous for its dramatic natural landscape, and it’s perfect for cycling - much of the terrain is surprisingly flat and easy. There can be quite a lot of traffic...  Read more >>

Sea Safaris in Lofoten

The world's most stunning archipelago is waiting for you. You couldn't get any closer to the ocean. Experience nature and the animal kingdom from the sea surface. Seaeagles, s  Read more >>
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